Our goal is to make good education and nutritious meals accessible to underprivileged students. In remote areas of Thailand, education and healthy meals are still lacking. 
We provide learning software, education books for libraries, art projects, science projects, and more. Rural public schools in remote areas of Thailand do not get sufficient funding from the government and here is where we come in to improve the education level.

We provide breakfasts for students in remote areas. Most of them are hilltribe or have parents who are day laborer who don't have time to provide nutritious breakfast for their children. Children usually walk or bike over an hour to school and sit through 4 hours of class without having had breakfast. They have to wait for the subsidised school lunch. This result in frustration and low attention span (who can concentrate when they are hungry!). Our foundation sponsor breakfast, as well as milk and snack break. After a year of this ongoing project, the overall grades are better and their attention span is better.

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