About Us

The Ocean of Wisdom Foundation is a non-profit organization (permit number: T.PT. 012/2550), founded on October 31st, 2007, by two sisters, Vanessa and Veronica Race. Vanessa and Veronica were 2004 Tsunami survivors in Phuket, Thailand, and were volunteers on the scene to help fellow survivors connect with their families and help families members locate the bodies of their loved ones. The two raised over $6,000 from families and friends and gave all the donations to those in need. They saw on TV that big organizations got a lot of donations but because of bureaucracy the help didn't come quick enough to the affected area. They both spent 100% of the donations on the survivors and families of the deceased. In 2006, Vanessa got her master's degree from Harvard University and Veronica received her bachelor's degree from The University of Maryland College Park. Veronica worked at a large multi-national nonprofit organization in Washington DC after her graduation and found that much of the donations went to the overhead costs. The two sisters talked and agree that it is best to start their own foundation and set up a structure so that there is little overhead cost, so at least 95% of the donations can go to help those in need.

By concentrating on education, they believe that it is the way to positively influence the next generation and lift them and their families out of poverty. 

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